Saturday, August 30, 2008


List the names, list the lands, and list the death rates.

No faith or people on earth did suffer quite like the believers in peace.

This way of life that every president hates.

A skillful, artistic and eloquent nation yet they die as government powers increase.

Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Kashmir.

Chechnya, Albania, Bosnia Iraq and Palestine.

The countries whose hearts are filled with fear.

The victims of the free west that just crossed the line.

How much blood should be shed?

Is there no other way?

To see my people dying and dead,

all in the name of freedom you say?

Since Islam came to the world of bad traditions.

Peace settled like dust in the air.

But this peace prevented the evils additions.

So Islam’s dust was wiped so unfair.

Islam gave women the choice to marry in a time when

women were classed as objects.

And Islam gave the orphan high rank and dictators a spank and

this 'way' is what the Muslim protects.

Who is the bully when it comes to money,

and who is the killer and the pocket filler?

Muslims blood is shed like there’s no tomorrow, it's funny!

because I feel like the west is the ultimate killer?

Dictators yes, the bane of my life and to all.

But who's saying they follow Islam’s call.

I won’t mention names for this free world is tapped.

The minds of people are decided and wrapped.

My people, my life, my Islam so dear.

I could be next and that's a true fear.

We are being washed off like blood from a murderer’s hand.

And still people nod their heads but they don’t understand.

Islam, I say it once again, incase you never heard.

It means submission and peace, literally that word.

And Quran means...''Recite'', yep that’s all,

not war or kill or a jihady call!

Let it soak in now, that Muslims don’t kill without cause.

When they are butchered and raped, that’s when they let go of 'pause'.

Its play button now, when the 'free' invade and blow up.

This word ‘free’ makes me wanna throw up!

If free means dead then go kill your own men.

Cuz we're happy alive thanks even if we're in your way.

So before you believe in what your leaders do, think again.

Islam brought rights to mankind at the end of the day.

And before you become insulted and deny that it’s true.

Look up the facts that are free in your view.

Then deny all you wish till your face goes blue.

But I guarantee that you won’t have to.

What gave this world animal rights and its laws today?

And rights to women and homeless and disabled?

Where did child benefit stem from and who enforced fair pay?

Look it up, this terrorizing faith that is unfairly labeled!

What law gave women back their dignity stating she should cover?

Not left for barbaric savages to abuse her bare body through her culture.

But that her body was for only her man, her eternal lover,

not just any random and freaky vulture.

Islam....what is it about you Islam?

I believe in u and it’s your way that I am.

So what is it that the west cannot see?

How you are the victim here, not them and not me.

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irsyad said...

seseorang pernah berkata kepada aku dulu2

"kite hidup kat malaysia ni da cukup selesa, ad lagi di kalangan kite yg masih x reti bersyukur"

selamilah penderitaan mereka...

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