Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forgive and Forget

“And whosoever is patient and forgives, indeed that is of the steadfast heart of things.” (Asy-Syura: 43)

When we are hurt, insulted or faced with injustice, we have 2 options to deal with our feelings: either to forgive and forget or to hate, harbor grudge and rancor and live to seek revenge. Both choices are hard, but their results are completely opposite. Hatred, bitterness and hostility intoxicate your body. They throw you into frustration, weaken your system and make your nerves tense. It will yield nothing but pain. On the other hand, forgiveness transcends the soul and frees you from your destructive negative energy. Forgiveness heals you not only emotionally but also physically and mentally. Is it not worth it to get rid of the burden of anger, hatred and resentment, to be able to restore your position in social life, giving and receiving support?

Lots of people refuse to forgive, thinking it a sign of weakness; they think that by forgiving they are surrendering to their offenders. On the contrary, by forgiving you cease to be the victim of hatred and anger and you triumph over your own evil. Now comes the most important question:


It is a challenging task requiring a fight against our own selves, it is considered by Islam as a sacred type of Jihad. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said

“A mujahid is one who engages in jihad against his own self in obeying Allah.” (Baihaqi)

Therefore, I would like to share a few helpful tips:

1. Allow yourself enough time to heal, let yourself fully express your feelings; do not just deny the pain and turn your back on it, expecting it to disappear on its own.

2. Perform regular breathing exercises: the easiest one is simply to observe your breathing. Do not try to control it or force it, just watch it and relax.

3. Practice thinking that this life is just a transient path and those little events make up the bridge on which we can cross to the next world. So, take what is absolutely necessary for you to cross it and leave what is not.

4. Honour the Divine Wisdom behind every event. Live in harmony with Allah’s will, rather than fighting it.

5. Keep your mind engaged with more important things. Think about Allah’s Oneness, Justice and Mercy, about the rewards of conquering your anger and forgiving the offender\

“Whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah.” (Asy-Syura: 40)

6. Fear the punishment of Allah upon those whose hearts are filled with with anger, hatred and resentment.

7. Consider each event a lesson and every person a teacher, regardless of how you choose to judge their actions, it is useless to hate or blame them for the situation you are in.

8. Hatred is a heavy burden to carry, it does not benefit you or harm your offender in any way. It is a blinding sentiment that can eventually take full control of all your thoughts and actions.

9. Look for the good in everyone. Each person has to have a good side, we are human after all.

10. Know that Allah does not love anger, hatred or revenge.

11. Fill your heart with love and spread it all around you to extinguish the fire of rancor and anger.


Healing Body and Soul, Amira Ayad


Friday, August 21, 2009

Memoir of Convofair 2009

"O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and let every soul look to what (provision) He has sent forth for the morrow. Yea, fear Allah. for Allah is well-acquainted with (all) that ye do. " (Al-Hasyr: 18)


Again I neglect this blog for such a long time. I'm really sorry for that. It can't be helped since I have a lot of things of higher priority to be done. Now that I've finished my task which is the Executive Comittee of Convofair 2009, I think I'll have more time to do what I like.

Just want to share my experience during my involvement in Convofair, so-called the biggest event in UTP. I would say that it's just a repetition of my previous Convofair and TEC except that it comes with a lot of different challenges. This time around, we need to face economic downturn, H1N1 fear, thunderstorm and so on. Mind you that we almost cancel the multi-thousands Convofair and Convocation due to H1N1 scare. Thanks to PETRONAS CEO, Tan Sri Hassan for allowing us to proceed as planned. You don't know how huge the effect of cancelling or postponing the Convofair and Convocation to UTP.

It became tougher for me and my comittee that I was caught of having fever 3 days before the event. The doctor asked me to be quarantined since my body temperature was high complete with flu and cough. Thinking that all my effort before will go to waste if I am quarantined, I try to persuade him not to quarantine me in the boring Duyung. Alhamdulillah (if I can say it? Since I've been cruel to myself.. haha), the doctor was being lenient to me that I only get the order to be under Self-Isolation (which I breached on the next day.. haha). I passed most of the task to my assistant (poor her.. hehe). Starting on that day, I miss a lot of things about my task due to my sickness. I did went to the Committee briefing just to observe what my assistant do actually since I'm not fully recovered yet. But, I end up being the one who's giving the briefing to the whole committee (I worn the mask mind you.. haha). To be honest, I'm so worry about what's going to happen during the officiating ceremony since even at the beginning we already have a lot of problems. But, what can I do? I can just hope and give guidance from nowhere.

A day before Convofair, I really had a tough time. Due to a simple mistake, I need to rush here and there to settle all the problems caused by it while I'm still not fully fit. After maghrib, I just collapse with my head felt like spinning. Only 2 hours later, I can barely stand and perform Isyak prayers. I try to get the info from my friends of what's happening at Convo Square. I just feel something not right about it. So, I went there with my head still feel like spinning. My guess is right. Yet, what can I do? I feel so bad that I can't contribute something when people really need me. I try to give a hand anyway.

Then, the most-awaiting day comes. I feel barely healthy that morning. However, I still lost my appetite. So, I just take 2 currypuff and sky juice for my breakfast. I try to get update from my committee about the progress and try to run a rehearsal. However, I still limit my movement. It's already last minute. What can you expect? I don't know the whole thing as what I'm supposed to. The officiating ceremony that night was one of the horrified moments in my life. I forgot to eat medicine for 2 days already with no appetite at all. Plus, I don't take any food since the breakfast except a few glasses of water. Consequently, after the officiating ceremony, I just lost my balance and my head spinning. During the post-mortem, I don't know what they were talking about. When it's my turn to talk, I talked like rubbish. I want to apologise to my committee for saying anything unnecessary. I really lost control that night.

Fortunately, the next two days run very smoothly that I regain my health and fitness. Quite funny that I act like a head of bodyguard for Amy Search and Aizat AF. haha... My task forced me to be alert of any threat to the security of the performing artistes. Unfortunately, I didn't have even a single chance to take a snap with them eventhough I was always being very close to them throughout the event. This is the most valuable experience for me that not many of us will get, which is being the security guard for artistes.... haha.. However, the most valuable lesson here is TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! huhuh

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Segalanya Kerana Babi

“Sesungguhnya Allah hanya mengharamkan atasmu (memakan) bangkai, darah, daging babi dan apa yang disembelih dengan menyebut nama selain Allah; tetapi barangsiapa yang terpaksa memakannya dengan tidak menganiaya dan tidak pula melampaui batas, maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.” (An-Nahl: 115)

Akhirnya setelah hampir 4 bulan penyakit Influenza A dikesan, UTP terpaksa ditutup berkuatkuasa pada pukul 3 petang 31/7/2009 walaupun tiada satu warga UTP pun disahkan positif menghidap penyakit tersebut setakat ini. Walau bagaimanapun hampir 100 orang pelajar terpaksa dikuarantin akibat mengalami simptom Influenza-like Ilnesses (ILI). Setakat hari ini 1 Ogos 2009 di Malaysia, 1390 kes dilaporkan, 1362 pesakit sudah sembuh. Hanya 17 pesakit masih dirawat di hospital termasuk 8 di ICU dan 11 yang lain menerima rawatan di rumah.

Sememangnya segala apa yang ada pada babi menyusahkan hidup manusia sejagat. Sedangkan harimau atau singa perlu mengaum untuk menakutkan manusia. Namun, babi hanya perlu bersin dan seluruh dunia pasti panik. Pelbagai bahana yang dibawa babi bermula dengan Japanese Echepalitis (JE), Nipah Virus, Selesema Burung (H5N1) dan tidak lama setelah kes Selesema Burung reda, terkini datang pula Selesema Babi. Ironiknya, babi juga dikaitkan dengan kecomelan di negara-negara Eropah. Namun, bagi orang Melayu di Malaysia, menyebut perkataan ‘Babi’ itu sudah menimbulkan kengiluan dan kemualan yang amat sangat. Sememangnya banyak kajian telah membuktikan bahawa babi adalah vendor virus yang paling ‘canggih’ kerana mampu mengubah strain virus dengan pantas. Najisnya juga paling sukar untuk terbiodegradasi secara semulajadi menyebabkan pencemaran kepada air dan tanah.

Jadi, babi sangat menyusahkan kami pelajar UTP. Kenapa? Disebabkan babi, UTP terpaksa ditutup secara mendadak dan kami terkial-kial mencari tiket bas untuk pulang. Tambah menyusahkan ialah tiket ke pantai timur iaitu Kelantan dan Terengganu sudah habis untuk 2 hari iaitu 31/7 dan 1/8. Lalu, ramai yang terpaksa mempertimbangkan alternatif pergi ke KL dahulu sebelum membeli tiket bas pulang ke negeri masing-masing walaupun alternatif tersebut sangat berisiko tinggi.

Silap Naik Bas

Kisah saya dan beberapa orang rakan mungkin lebih menarik. Saya dan Muhammad terpaksa menghadiri mesyuarat tergempar Pesta Konvo pada pukul 8 pagi. Program yang menelan belanja beratus-ratus ribu ringgit ini mungkin mengalami risiko ditangguhkan akibat cuti yang mendadak ini. Hal tersebut akan menyebabkan defisit yang tinggi bagi sekretariat. Mesyuarat luar biasa yang memakan masa hampir 4 jam tersebut telah memutuskan beberapa alternatif baru untuk memastikan kelangsungan Pesta Konvo 2009. Walau bagaimanapun, keputusan masih tertakluk kepada pihak Rektor UTP. Jadi, ingin dijelaskan kepada sahabat-sahabat yang tertanya-tanya, bahawa Pesta Konvo tetap akan berjalan seperti biasa termasuk acara-acara yang telah dirancang sebelum ini (kecuali perubahan tarikh bagi Futsal Fever) melainkan ada notis rasmi daripada pihak atasan/Sekretariat Pesta Konvo yang menyatakan sebaliknya.

Selepas mesyuarat tersebut, kami terpaksa berkejar-kejar ke sana ke mari untuk menyelesaikan beberapa masalah yang timbul. Justeru, langsung tidak mempunyai masa untuk mencari tiket bas sama ada yang ditempah khas atau yang dibeli di luar. Saya hanya pulang ke bilik pukul 6.15 petang dengan perut yang kosong kerana langsung tidak makan nasi daripada pagi. Amat meletihkan. Terbaring di bilik Muhamad kerana langsung tak bermaya. Baharudin pun ada. Kami masih berada dalam kebimbangan kerana sekiranya kami tidak keluar daripada UTP sebelum 12 tengahari 1/8, kami pun akan dikuarantin. Terbayang dalam minda filem Resident Evil sewaktu penduduk Racoon City terpaksa dikuarantin akibat jangkitan virus walaupun sebenarnya ia tidaklah seteruk itu.. haha

Tepat pukul 6.20 petang, Baha menerima panggilan daripada seorang senior yang menyatakan bahawa masih ada 5 tempat kosong untuk sebuah bas yang disewa khas. Saya, Muhamad dan Baha terus berkejar ke V2 dengan hanya berbekalkan beberapa teguk air mineral untuk menjana tenaga. Sebaik sampai di pintu bas, terus saya membayar tambang tanpa menyedari bahawa bas itu sebenarnya menghala ke Kuala Terengganu. Langsung tertidur sebaik sahaja mengambil tempat di bahagian hadapan. Berhenti sebentar di RnR Sungai Perak untuk solat dan makan malam. Akhirnya perut terisi juga walaupun makanan di situ agak mahal.

Sambung tidur lagi. Sebaik sahaja sedar, bas sudah berada di Machang. Mula rasa tidak sedap hati kerana tidak pernah bas dari Perak ke Kota Bharu melalui Machang. Lalu, saya mesej Muhamad tapi dia lambat balas. Saya tanya abang kat sebelah saya memandangkan dia ketua rombongan. Dia memaklumkan kepada saya bahawa bas itu menghala ke Kuala Terengganu dan tidak akan memasuki bandar Machang mahupun Pasir Putih. Dia mencadangkan supaya saya hanya turun di tepi jalan. But it’s not feasible since it’s going to take 30 minutes from Pasir Puteh to Kota Bharu. Is it good for us to call our parents early in the morning just to fetch us up 30 minutes away from our home?

Jadi, kami mengambil keputusan untuk turun bersama pelajar dari Jerteh berhampiran Masjid Jerteh. Melihat senibina masjid tersebut yang indah dan cukup besar membuat kami termenung sejenak mengimbas kembali sirah. Masjid Dzar yang dibina oleh golongan munafik pernah dibakar oleh para sahabat atas tujuan pembinaannya yang sudah tersasar jauh daripada dasar ketaqwaan kepada Allah. Jelas di sini, bina masjid tak semestinya Islamik, yang penting atas dasar apa masjid itu dibina. Kalau untuk menang pilihanraya, rakyat Malaysia tidak buta.

Lebih kurang pukul 3.45 pagi, bas menuju ke Kota Bharu dari Kuantan berhenti menurunkan penumpang, kami menumpang bas tersebut untuk pulang. Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai di rumah pada pukul 5 pagi. Hari yang penuh dengan dugaan dan cabaran. Segalanya kerana babi.

Kenyataan rasmi cuti H1N1 UTP di sini

P/S: Geli hati bila orang bandingkan Yasmin Ahmad dan Majid Majdi... owh tidak..