Friday, August 21, 2009

Memoir of Convofair 2009

"O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and let every soul look to what (provision) He has sent forth for the morrow. Yea, fear Allah. for Allah is well-acquainted with (all) that ye do. " (Al-Hasyr: 18)


Again I neglect this blog for such a long time. I'm really sorry for that. It can't be helped since I have a lot of things of higher priority to be done. Now that I've finished my task which is the Executive Comittee of Convofair 2009, I think I'll have more time to do what I like.

Just want to share my experience during my involvement in Convofair, so-called the biggest event in UTP. I would say that it's just a repetition of my previous Convofair and TEC except that it comes with a lot of different challenges. This time around, we need to face economic downturn, H1N1 fear, thunderstorm and so on. Mind you that we almost cancel the multi-thousands Convofair and Convocation due to H1N1 scare. Thanks to PETRONAS CEO, Tan Sri Hassan for allowing us to proceed as planned. You don't know how huge the effect of cancelling or postponing the Convofair and Convocation to UTP.

It became tougher for me and my comittee that I was caught of having fever 3 days before the event. The doctor asked me to be quarantined since my body temperature was high complete with flu and cough. Thinking that all my effort before will go to waste if I am quarantined, I try to persuade him not to quarantine me in the boring Duyung. Alhamdulillah (if I can say it? Since I've been cruel to myself.. haha), the doctor was being lenient to me that I only get the order to be under Self-Isolation (which I breached on the next day.. haha). I passed most of the task to my assistant (poor her.. hehe). Starting on that day, I miss a lot of things about my task due to my sickness. I did went to the Committee briefing just to observe what my assistant do actually since I'm not fully recovered yet. But, I end up being the one who's giving the briefing to the whole committee (I worn the mask mind you.. haha). To be honest, I'm so worry about what's going to happen during the officiating ceremony since even at the beginning we already have a lot of problems. But, what can I do? I can just hope and give guidance from nowhere.

A day before Convofair, I really had a tough time. Due to a simple mistake, I need to rush here and there to settle all the problems caused by it while I'm still not fully fit. After maghrib, I just collapse with my head felt like spinning. Only 2 hours later, I can barely stand and perform Isyak prayers. I try to get the info from my friends of what's happening at Convo Square. I just feel something not right about it. So, I went there with my head still feel like spinning. My guess is right. Yet, what can I do? I feel so bad that I can't contribute something when people really need me. I try to give a hand anyway.

Then, the most-awaiting day comes. I feel barely healthy that morning. However, I still lost my appetite. So, I just take 2 currypuff and sky juice for my breakfast. I try to get update from my committee about the progress and try to run a rehearsal. However, I still limit my movement. It's already last minute. What can you expect? I don't know the whole thing as what I'm supposed to. The officiating ceremony that night was one of the horrified moments in my life. I forgot to eat medicine for 2 days already with no appetite at all. Plus, I don't take any food since the breakfast except a few glasses of water. Consequently, after the officiating ceremony, I just lost my balance and my head spinning. During the post-mortem, I don't know what they were talking about. When it's my turn to talk, I talked like rubbish. I want to apologise to my committee for saying anything unnecessary. I really lost control that night.

Fortunately, the next two days run very smoothly that I regain my health and fitness. Quite funny that I act like a head of bodyguard for Amy Search and Aizat AF. haha... My task forced me to be alert of any threat to the security of the performing artistes. Unfortunately, I didn't have even a single chance to take a snap with them eventhough I was always being very close to them throughout the event. This is the most valuable experience for me that not many of us will get, which is being the security guard for artistes.... haha.. However, the most valuable lesson here is TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! huhuh

Thank you for reading.

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.::: norhasmahsalleh:::. said...

wah,so horrible,.

take care.

p/s: u should reward ur assistant as well,,memang kesian kat dia.hehe =)

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

reward ngn senyuman bole? hahaha

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

gosip2 x baek... ak single lg.. haha

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