Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1Malaysia F1 team

I don’t know what to say on this matter. Just a few questions arise from my mind right now.

Are we really gonna be competitive or just put something filling up the grid?

Does it feasible while Malaysia is in the midst of economic crisis?

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised; it’s pretty typical of our government’s mentality. This is and has been the perennial problem with this country; we always want to look good, but with a glaring lack of substance beneath the surface.

Instead of pouring the millions into an F1 team, why not invest in improving Proton? They’ve been cash-strapped for the past couple years as their sales have taken a downturn due to stiff competition from the like of Perodua, Toyota, Kia, and others. Their quality isn’t worth much mention either. Would it be a lot better to enter a team into F1 as a credible car manufacturer first?

I don’t know how much money does it takes to build a strong F1 team. But for sure it’s going to exceed 12 digits value. Can you imagine how this money can benefit the poor, the old and a lot of patients in hospital who are just waiting for their death since they have no money to pay their medical bill? They say that we are short of money due to economic downturn. We need to increase the petrol and food price. We need to save money, can’t afford to waste more money and etc. Now, who’s wasting their money? Everybody knows why the team as credible as BMW-Sauber pulled out from the event.

However, I try to be optimistic that this project is going to spur young minds to engage in science and technology with more passion. I also hope that this project at least will shift the role model of teenagers from all those demoralised artistes to technocrat figures if not intellectual figures as what had been done by our angkasawan. Plus, from reliable source, UTM and UTP have been engaged into the team. Hopefully, after a successful run with Formula SAE, we can move forward to involve in F1 through this once-in-a-life-time chance. Let us make Tokai University in Japan as our role model. Their students managed to design a high performance engine due to their involvement in Le Mans Project. So, let’s build one to prove that this project is not a waste.

I believe as a country, this is not the right time to build the team. Malaysia does not desperately need this. All we need right now is a focus on our people and stable economy. All this projects are just going to benefit the rich. Do you think Malaysia is ready for its own F1 team? Have your say..


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5 comments: on "1Malaysia F1 team"

Wan Pai said...

u've been tagged..

nifi a.k.a beliamuda said...

seriously doubt on this..

banyak juga terbaca ramai yang tak puas hati.. tadi, ada poll di, ramai sangat yang tak setuju.. membazir duit kot~

Amin Baek said...

aku pn kurang bstuju mende ni..
F1 bukn perlu sjuta 2..
byk gle perlukan duit..
then tenanga pakar pn ada beberapa je yg dr malaysia..penah keje ngan sauber tak slh aku..
klu gini,aku kompem a team ni kene import tenaga luar gak..
tak ramai yg ambk automotif(plumbaan)nye course skang..
mayb leh je wt,but not now..
better tumpu isu lg penting..
rakyat nye isu ke..
isu miyk ke..

bg aku,ini tlampau tburu2..
klu br plan cm ok lg,,
ni trus ckp nex season?
gle apa

Amin Baek said...

faris,aku br tbaca ni..
pandgn Dr.M chancellor kita..haha

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

Aku dah baca... I think everyone is aware on those facts. betul apa yang dia cakap tu. tak boleh dinafikan lagi.

Tapi kan masih terlalu banyak isu ekonomi membelenggu rakyat kini. harga minyak paling jelas sampai gov sanggup tukar trus pam ron95 untuk tutup mulut rakyat.. itu sangat kejam sdgkan kita aware tahap kualiti ron95 dan kesesuaian dia dgn enjin yg digunapakai msia.. isu harga makanan, kurang supply gula dan etc masih belum selesai dalam keadaan kita cukup boros berbelanja utk projek2 besar., beli senjata berbillion-billion. PKFZ pun sama. Masalah birokrasi pegawai kerajaan masih belum selesai

at least setel sikit2... 1 billion tu, kalo ikut dah setel soal2 gini.. kan3? Actually saya pesimis dgn cara kerja kerajaan ni.. dah terlalu banyak pelaburan yg dibuat.. alasan sama yg digunapakai.. namun hasilnya? mana pulangan dari pelaburan projek2 besar dulu untuk rakyat? ni tambah satu lagi projek... sgt2 menyangsikan.. huhu

memang bnda ni bagus dari pandangan saya sbg student engineering, namun perlu kena pada masa... sdg Honda dan BMW pun tarik diri.. kita yg sumber kewangan sudah sah tak sampai tahap mereka apatah lagi

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