Friday, February 29, 2008

Democracy VS Authoritarianism?


Alhamdulillah, I managed to spend a few minutes to write here despite my busy schedule as a student.

Recently, I’ve been observing the electoral campaign closely. As expected, it is not as vibrant, lively, and merrier as before. Maybe the government brings nothing new in their manifesto (refer to They just keep repeating their stance against corruption, rising prices, subsidy and so on (very common of BN). Maybe the campaign period is too long. Almost a month, it’s mundane.. yawn.. Perhaps, everybody has fed up with our immature politics environment. For them, Malaysian politicians are just like a bunch of school kids. The other probability is all Medias are controlled by government, which unbalance the campaign between the two. Therefore, the oppositions have a very infinitesimal chance to win the election. It’s completely opposite to other modern countries such as Australia where in the last election Kevin Rudd (formerly opposition) win the race against John Howard (formerly government) to overtake the position as Prime Minister.

So, this is something that clearly against the principals of democracy which is Medias and press are accessible to all. This predicament really limits the campaign of the opposition. Plus, they misuse it to cover their weaknesses and attack the opposition. Every single thing done by the opposition is argued and questioned even though it has nothing to do with the opposition. Sometime, the government tries to make a chaos and accuse the opposition for doing something that they didn’t (Isu tender Air Kelantan). Rakyat have no chance to evaluate their leaders (esp people from rural area). They have no choice but to believe the government. And the government always talks about mentality. Ironic, isn’t it? What kind of mentality do you want when you border their freedom to think, you give them no choice. This is totally unacceptable.

What is being practiced now is not democracy, but authoritarianism. If such things continue, then we are no different to Pakistan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, North Korea and so forth. And it is not impossible that we are going to be like them. As our election is plagued with abuses of power, irregularities and unfair practices, the voters will be denied of their rights to choose their government. So, who knows one day we will have Malaysian version of Saddam Hussein's Regime. Nauzubillah…

This is just my personal opinion. Nothing to do with any political party. If you don’t like it, then leave it. I try to be rationale anyway. Tq…

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