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Review on BN, PKR and PAS manifesto


Well, sorry for not updating this blog for such a long time. Either I was busy or drying out of idea. But, I still write in my friendster blog and other website though.. hehe.. juz giving my opinion which sometime not really appropriate.. Yeah, as a human, of course I do have flaws.

So, this time, in conjunction with General Election, I’m very eager to work out on the comparison of several major parties manifesto.

Let’s take brief view on BN’s manifesto first…

The economy

· Raise the nation’s productivity, income and competitiveness levels.

· Cushion the effects of rising prices.

· Create two million job opportunities.

· Further reduce the Budget deficit.

· More development funds, without increasing taxes.

· Follow through on five Development Corridors to bring equitable growth, investment and job opportunities to all parts of Malaysia.

Balanced Development

· Eradicate hardcore poverty.

· Reduce poverty rate to 2.8 per cent by 2010.

· Increase quality rural jobs and incomes.

· Ensure access to modern quality healthcare.

· Upgrade urban public transport and reduce traffic congestion.

· Provide affordable housing

Law & Order

· Bring down the country’s crime index.

· Tackle drug abuse and other social ills.

· Address issue of illegal immigrants.

· Boost police force by 60,000.

· Increase neighbourhood police presence by building more than 150 police stations and beat bases.

· Improve safety in schools, playgrounds and public areas.

· Focus police operations and resources on crime hot spots.


· Raise teachers’ minimum qualifications and provide more training opportunities.

· Continue to make national schools the school of choice by, among others, offering Mandarin and Tamil classes. Safeguard the position of national-type schools.

· Provide more scholarships for needy undergraduates regardless of race.

Public Services

· Speed up implementation of e-government initiatives.

· Complete overhaul of all land offices and district offices.

· Speed up issuance of licenses and permits.

· Tie civil service promotions, rewards and penalties more closely to performance targets.

· Increase ethnic diversity in the public sector

Reducing Corruption and Improving Government

· Continue to enforce anticorruption measures without fear or favour.

· Strengthen monitoring and enforcement by agencies such as the ACA, Customs, Inland Revenue and local authorities.

Religion & Unity

· Build better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims through Islam Hadhari.

· Facilitate construction, consolidation and relocation of all places of worship via state government mechanism, coordinated at federal level.

· Increase inter-faith dialogue.

Foreign Policy

· Continue to play an active, principled and impartial role in international affairs.

· Expand trade and investment linkages.

· Advance the economic agenda of the OIC through capacity-building in less developed OIC countries.

· Contribute towards a development agenda for the world’s poorest countries.

Now, we come to PKR’ manifesto. It centers on 5 central positions that they believe are key to beginning the healing process in Malaysia:

1. A constitutional state for all: Upholding unity, integrity and human’s rights.
2. A vibrant, prosperous economy for all: Equitable distribution for better competitiveness.
3. A safer Malaysia for all: A cleaner police force for safer street.
4. An affordable Malaysia for all: Better control of prices and basic goods.
5. Better education for all: universal access to higher quality education.

Last but not least, we look into the PAS manifesto:

1. A Trustworthy, Just and Clean Government
2. A Prudent Financial and Transparent Management of the Economy
3. Defend the Safety of Lives and Dignity and Security on Property Through Waging War-On-Crime
4. Empower education as transformational force
5. A national health care system that caters for all
6. Well-being of worker both in the public and private sectors
7. Project a policy of care and service to the entire rakyat, by advocating and implementing
8. Special offers to the women of the nation.
9. Pro-farmers and pro-fishermen policy of defending their rights and the nation’s.
10. Ethical, fair and clean mass media policy prescriptions.
11. Environmental-friendly policy.
12. National-integration and unity policy.

For BN as the government that lead Malaysia since Merdeka, many political experts predict that they will win the election but with reduced majority. Research made by UKM shows that the popularity of Pak Lah has fallen down from 90% to 60%. This is because of the government’s failure to fulfill most of their promises. One of the major issues that failed to be overcame is the issue of corruption which ironically is part of the latest BN manifesto. Honestly, people doubt the government capacity to enforce anticorruption measures as there are actually a series of high-profile cases that sparks the media since 2004 are not solved satisfyingly and with full of integrity. For instance, Tan Sri Chia’s case that involve multi-million ringgit, Tan Sri VK Linggam’s video, Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s case and so on.

In Education, the major issue is no Malaysian university in the world top 200 university. Therefore, government should reevaluate the policy imposed to the university. On the other hand, many children leave the national school system nowadays. Why is it so? Some says, with politics already penetrate our education system, many students score very well in public exam. Yet they don’t really perform when they are in the university. That leaves a big question mark what happen to our education system. Seems like everything is ruined when politics penetrate them.

One more thing regarding Islam Hadhari. Personally, I don’t believe IH is going to ignite the improvement in Malaysian mentality as in reality; there is no rigid approach from BN to implement Islam except merely rhetoric. Instead, it’s going to bring Malaysia to the dawn of disaster. In addition, IH doesn’t include the establishment of syariah. That shows BN is not serious in bringing back the light of Islam to heal the sick society but making them sicker with all the hedonism stuffs. We Muslim whose embrace the Islam Samawi can’t bear all this anymore. Instead of lighten up the society with the beauty of Islam, they try to drag our attention from the true Islam with Islam Hadhari which allow the excess liberalism of religion(Islam). Please have fear on Allah.

Looking at PKR manifesto, seems like they are ready to destroy the BN’s ambition to win more than 2/3 parliamentary seats with their realistic goal. However, anwar-led PKR is not proven yet and predicted not to win the hearts of majority even though they have Dato’ Seri Anwar as one of the most influential leader in Malaysia.

While PAS looks so ambitious. Eventhough PAS is not as bad as propagated by BN, still PAS is not really strong in economy control matters. They need a slight changes to perform better in the future and bring Islam to the peak.

Whatever it is, we cannot accept the leader who lack of moral. So, vote the right one for the sake of Islam. No system can really fulfill our fitrah but Islam. Wallahua’lam…

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