Saturday, March 29, 2008

Champion Mentality

1. Be responsible to our past.
- We have everything to choose. The power is in our hand. So, we are responsible to whatever that had happened!

2. Be optimist to our present.
- No such thing like problem but challenge and chance. keep looking forward!

3. Be proactive to our future.
- Be the one who create the new wave, not just following the wave. Think for the betterment!

Take note that many things are within our control:
Choice, reaction, manner, perception, behaviour, conclusion
*Use it wisely! Choose for excellence!

Things that out of our control:
History, future, other people, nature
*Pray to Allah! Adapt well!

Man propose, God dispose. But of course, we get something only with sufficient effort. Want more? Strive more!

Good Luck!!
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