Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What da Heck!!!!

Student arrested for dumping newborn baby

IPOH: An 18-year-old student was detained for allegedly dumping her newborn baby.

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Ismail Yatim said a cleaning lady found the baby boy’s body in a hostel room of the institution of higher learning near here Wednesday.

“A roll call was then called by the hostel warden at noon to determine the baby’s mother,” he said.

The student gave herself away when the policemen, who were sent to the scene to investigate, noticed her pale face, said SAC (II) Ismail,

The student admitted to being the mother of the baby when the police questioned her, he said.

The baby’s remains were sent to Changkat Melintang Hospital for post-mortem, he added.

The girl has been released on police bail.

My Comment:

Astaghfirullah, I'm speechless. If I met this 'girl', I could burst into rage. But Allah is the most forgiving. It's just that I wonder if she's is qualified to be called as a 'University Student'. If she is, then we may be at par with her. I hate that! It's embarassing! most important, it's terribly sinful!

More often than not that people obey when 'polis kata jangan'. But, when 'Allah kata jangan', it seems 'negligible'. What da heck!!!!
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2 comments: on "What da Heck!!!!"

irsyad said...

ini adalah Ujian!

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

Well, that's life isn't it?

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