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What did Guy Do??


This time around, I feel like want to share with you an article written by my junior in MRSM PC last time which is originally published in her Friendster Blog.

Interesting I would say. Of course not that accurate since she is no professional psychologist or motivator. But for a 17 or 18 years old experience, this is quite engaging.

I just improve it a little to make it 'readable'. hehe. Plus a few corrections on wording. So, this is totally hers. Let's read!

I have no idea how i can come up with this topic in my mind. It is weird but i just keep wondering how would a man survive from stress, pressure or is undeniable that as a human being we could not avoid ourselves from having problems or dealing with the stressful phase in our lives.

I do know how usually a girl or woman deal with tensions. some of them might cry.if you guys think that crying is like showing weaknesses, there is where you are really wrong. The healing power of crying is very excellent and better than eating chocolates. Well, in term of it would not give you a weight gain.. hehe.. eating chocolates is also one of the amazing solution for girl to really calm down under a very terrible strain she has been in. But be careful not to eat too much or it will leads you to another problems.

Facing with a lot of problems could also be reduced by talking or sharing them with the one that close to you. It could be your best friend (what i always do), your mom (i would not really suggest this way for myself), teacher (the one that u really trust k?) and maybe the counselor (i dunno who really share their problems with counselor). It is not that i am denying the expertise of a counselor but in a way of what i am thinking is that people usually not really comfortable sharing problems with people they have just met or known. .. other way that girls normally do when they are under pressure are writing in diaries.well this is mostly for the person that feel it is hard to trust they talk to the book but make sure you don't put it in easily seen place as it would trigger anyone to feel like reading it even though all of us know that diaries should be a private thing. Bear in mind, the more the thing is forbidden the more exciting and desirable it becomes.

Crying, eating chocolates, sharing and diaries. These are the most common things that girls do when they are in no mood. Maybe some of them have other ways but those are the things that i discovered through experience and observation. Going back to my question what would guys do in the same situation? Don't say that they cry as well. Do they? It is not that i am saying guys can't cry but yeah i have to say that crying and guys are not compatible. The most egoistic creature in the world burst into tears when dealing with problems? It sounds a little bit shameful. Isn't it? Giving credit to the fact that guys are still human being, I would have to say that yes they can cry but only in some circumstances. Eating chocolates is quite OK with guys but personally i don't think that guys use this way because it is just a temporary solution that is not going to solve the problems but it would comfort your feeling and put you in a tranquil situation so that you can think rationally on how to face the problem. Guys are always rushing especially when it comes to deal with problems. They want it to be settled as soon as possible so I think they would not have time to enjoy the full sensation of eating chocolate. Sharing would not always be the right thing for a man to do in this tight spots.

Well, no man in this world wants his friends to know that he is having problems. Guys you have to admit this. It is a fact that man really afraid of letting people know about his problems as they are scared of being said as weak or spoiled child.i read it in one of man's magazine. Diaries? Isn't it weird if a guy has a diary?? Especially in pink or purple or apple green.. haha.. It is not a fault if they do have diaries for arranging their schedules and reminding them about important dates in their lives. But having a diary as a place to share the unfortunate things that happen would not be a normal thing anymore for a straight man..

Then, what did guys do when they are under pressure? Me myself don't have the answer. I have asked a few of my friends regarding this issue and i get quite some honest answers from them. The most often thing man did when having problems is isolate themselves. He loves to be alone and maybe takes that time to think about his problems. or maybe he needs to be alone to hide from his friends avoiding them from knowing that he has problems. Besides, guy also tends to keep himself busy at the moment doing a lot of activities to get rid of all the stress in his mind. He might go out with friends, smokes, jamming, play snooker and so on.the unacceptable one is driving with a neck-breaking speed. So, when you see a guy drives really fast,it shows that he is in the hot soup that keeps on boiling. hmmmm... so that's mean the f1 driver who want to win the race should be depressed all the time?hehe...whatever it is,i am sure all of us can really see the differences between guys and gurls...... juz doin this for bad intention kay...hehe...(@_@)

My Comment:

It is a fact that man really afraid of letting people knows about his problems as they are scared of being said as weak or spoiled child

Of course! Man is the most egoistic creature in the world. They don’t want to contaminate their credibility. You know what happen if they lose it. It’s just like losing their life. Therefore, they just tell their best, trusted and reliable friend (man would only have one best friend in their life-time. Others are only ordinary friends) to get their opinion. But, it is undeniable that man takes time to get his problems been heard.

The most often thing man did when having problems is isolate themselves.

Not always true. It may be true for a paranoid. Most of the time, man would consult their best and reliable friends to solve his problems. Plus, man is very good in hiding his problems from anybody (except their best friend). And to isolate yourself may obviously expose that you are in problematic state isn’t it? Usually, man put the faculty of rationale ahead of faculty of emotion.

Besides, guy also tends to keep himself busy at the moment doing a lot of activities to get rid of all the stress in his mind.

Yeah, right indeed. That does explain me. Haha.. Instead of having time to rest mind, man would indulge by having a lot of pleasurable activities. That keeps them away from all those stressful problems. So, it is advised for wife not to press your husband too hard. Get him done his job by his own willingness. I don’t know how but woman knows best isn’t it?

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