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Is it fair for us Muslim?


I came across this interesting article written by my sahabiat residing far in Republic Czech. Well, I can't stop myself to tell this to you eventhough I'm in the midst of final exam week. I have one paper tomorrow. Nevertheless, as long as I can share with you this article, I can study calmly.

"insult not those whom they worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fair seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall inform them of all that they used to do."

-surah al An'am, verse 108-

I was walking to the nearest station bus with my other 3 mates. It's Saturday and most people prefer to stay inside. We bumped into a man in his forties. He stared at us as we were walking,then muttered something in Czech and in the middle of somewhere of his words, there is Muslim and after he stopped,he spat and the stinky fluid landed on my friend's face.

I was shock,angry and sad. Never in my life,I'm being insulted because I'm a Muslim. What have 4 of us done that he did that thing to us? Fine, I know I'm in his country but please be aware that I came in legally, living harmoniously, practising my belief without disturbing other and following all the rules. But why on earth he did that? I know people see Muslim as terrorist. There's an obvious bias,wheter you see it or not. When Muslim wage war to protect their land,they are labelled terrorist. When other people obviously snatched other people land,people turn a blind eye. I feel deeply insulted, first of all because he insult my religion and I never insult any religion. Firman Allah SWT

"insult not those whom they worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fair seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall inform them of all that they used to do."

-surah al An'am, verse 108-

Second,we are woman, and man should treat woman with respect. I have muhasabah(retrospect) and maybe the incident is a message from Allah. That it is our responsibility to clear Islam's image, to tell people about the goodnes of Islam for Islam itself means peace. And there is a hadith

"and you must have taqwa in Allah wherever you are. Follow every bad deed wth good deed,so that the good will wash over the bad, mingle with you mankind with good akhlak"

-riwayat al-Tarmizi and Ahmad-

Now, read this too.

Don’t challenge Fatwa Council’s credibility, Zahid tells non-Muslim NGOs



Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today told non-Muslim non-governmental organisations (NGOs) not to challenge the National Fatwa Council’s credibility.

He said it was unfair to challenge or dispute a fatwa issued by the council purely on logic because it could create confusion among the people.

The issue of “pengkid” (tomboyism) for example had become a social problem when the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia received complaints and on that ground, the Fatwa Council felt it was necessary to issue a fatwa on it, he said.

“The problem of a girl running away with a boy can be solved using the law but what about a girl running away with a girl who looks like a boy?” he told reporters here.

Zahid said if the NGOs were confused or wanted further explanations on the background of a fatwa, he was willing to organise a forum.

The NGOs or non-Muslim writers would not resort to disputing or challenging a fatwa but instead respect it should discussions be held, he said commenting on the protest staged by non-Muslim NGOs — “Katagender” and “Foot-not-Bombs” — on Friday against the Fatwa Council ruling that “pengkid” is haram.

What the heck has happened? Where's the so-called Muslim leaders to help us? So sad. They can just easily insult us without any action taken upon them. But what happened to Dato' Ahmad Ismail who's being barred from UMNO just for speaking the truth? Where's the justice?

See? Muslim is even prohibited from insulting other religion. this is the beauty of Islam that the non-Muslim don't know. But what they did to us? Is it fair? To challenge a fatwa is a very serious offence!! Wait2, do they know what is fatwa? Do they know who create fatwa? Do they know how? Of course they don't since this ignorant people don't even care of studying and understanding Islam while we Muslims are encouraged to do so(studying other's religion).

Just think my dear brothers and sisters. Social Contract is about give and take between races not having a race as the first class citizen and others being sidelined. and of course it can be changed but under transparency and consensus. But you keep questioning it out of ignorance just to infuriate the Malay Muslim. Why on earth did you do that? Did we stop you from practicing your religion? An ABSOLUTE NO! Instead, it's the other way around! Did we stop you from collecting money and being wealthy? NO AGAIN! The fact shows the other way around!! Did you aware?? Of course not because you don't care! All you care is that Muslim is terminated from the world so that you can get all the wealth in our land!! Dun you?

My oh My, please everybody! I've been talking a lot about justice, freedom and alike in my previous posts. Dun want to repeat. Just read them! I'm so sad. Sory

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