Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Can I Do?

(I dedicate this poem to all Mujahidins in Palestine and also to you...)

What can I do...?

The rumbling noise of tanks
Crushing cars are heard,

Exploding machine guns
Echo in the air,

Mountains of fire burns down
Our town...

What can I do...?

Each day,
The screams of mothers could be heard,
Each day,
The crying babies cry frantically,

Each day,
Men fight intensively...

What can I do ?
Each time an explosion occurs,
Bodies fall,
Each time a cry of freedom is heard,
Souls are lost,
Each time a mother cries,
A loves one is gone...
Anger grows...

What can I do ?
Break a sweat,
Shead a tear,
Lose my blood,
Sacrifice my soul ?
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1 comments: on "What Can I Do?"

nifi a.k.a beliamuda said...

Barangsiapa dari kalangan kamu yang melihat kemungkaran, maka hendaklah ia mengubah kemungkaran itu dengan tangannya. Andai tiada keupayaan, maka lakukan dengan lisannya. Andai tiada juga keupayaan, maka lakukan ia dengan hatinya. Dan demikian itu adalah selemah-lemah iman”
- Muttafaq ‘alayh

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