Monday, July 27, 2009

New Semester Again!


New semester has just started for Chemical Engineering 2nd year 2nd sem student in UTP. Even though my result on last semester is not that good, yet I’m targeting even higher. This sem, I’m ‘just’ taking 5 subjects with a total 16 credit hours. Believe me, the number didn’t give you the whole picture of how pack my schedule.

1. Separation Process 2
2. Chemical Reaction Engineering
3. Process Safety and Loss Prevention
4. Probability and Statistics
5. Process Instrumentation

Well, as an engineering student, we need to perform a lot of lab works, projects, industrial visits and presentations. So, 16 credit hours for accounting student are absolutely not the same as 16 credit hours for engineering student. For this sem, my batch have 4 half-day labs. For each lab, we need to write a report for each experiment/simulation. Short report is usually no less than 50 pages. Can you imagine how many pages it is for a long report?

However, I feel quite relieve since I will have at least 3 local lecturers with precious experience to teach me. Last sem is quite terrible since all of my lecturers are foreigner and still very green. Just imagine how hard it was to come to the lecture and learned nothing. Then, we need to study everything on our own for the whole syllabus. That’s totally horrifying. But, in the end, I can’t blame them. It’s me who should adapt for my own sake. Nobody cares about your future but you yourself.

Dr. Saikat said this is also one of the separation techniques.. H1N1 fear mounting.. huhu

Basically, in last sem, we learn about the basic design of Heat Exchanger, Distillation Tower and Absorption Tower. Definitely, there are many types of those creatures. A lot of calculations to be made with graph and visual representations to optimize the process in those operation units. This time, we will learn more advance techniques of separation process(Adsorption, Ion Exchange, Crystallization, Membrane Separation, Sedimentation, Centrifugation and etc), basic design of reactor, instrumentation, safe and economic design of operation units and so on. Of course to design a reactor is not as simple as you think. But believe me you don’t want to know how. Because it’s going to mess up your life… haha

Continous-stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

Anyway, 2 semesters left before I go to Internship. Very eager to live the life of a real engineer… hehe.. Please pray for the best of my life.. TQ

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