Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tigo Lape


it has been a long time since I update this blog. Again. hehe.. Enduring a very busy schedule lately. I rarely had a chance to write since I stepped my foot here in UTP almost a month ago. Always travelling here and there, meeting like I've nothing else to do. Yes, I would say it's very exhausting. For 3 consecutive semesters I come back to UTP from sem break a month earlier than others. Seems like it's going to continue for another one semester. Please bear in mind that I'll have no semester break for the January 2010 semester since I'll be going to internship for 8 months long. So, no sem break at all for 2 semesters. Alhamdulillah, I'm used to it. No reason for me to stop since the goal is very clear and I've many kind friends around to support. I believe I've nothing to lose but everything to win. Not for myself, but for Islam InsyaAllah.

"O ye who believe! if ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you and plant your feet firmly." (Muhammad: 7)

Examination Result

Very unexpected. At my first glance, I just don't believe it. Feel like want to spill all those dirty words in front of my laptop. So that nobody will know who I am at my worst. My coursework mark for all those core subjects are high enough to make myself belong to so-called 'High Achievers' group and not 'Average' group. I can ensure you that I've put my best effort to achieve my target. At least to increase my GPA. I can answer all the papers confidently except for one subject that I believe all my coursemates never put any hope on it. Yet, It goes further down. So, I can't say I'm satisfied with it. Then, I just open my Koran and read Surah Al-Waqiah to blow some strength in my weary heart. Then, I just flip the pages and happened to find this verse:

"But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." (Al-Baqarah: 216)

However, I intend to recheck my mark. There's still hope isn't it? We should strive to change what we believe rather than blaming God for something that doesn't go our way.

Convofair 2009 Family Day

SIRIM Exhibition Gallery.. Sean muka tak puas hati.. haha

For this year, we went north to Kedah and Perlis for 3 days. For the first day, we went to Advanvanced Material Research Center (AMREC) owned by SIRIM. A lot of interesting input we got here regarding Intellectual Property(IP). Unfortunately, It doesn't really concern my field (Chemical Engineering) except just a little of them. Then, we went to Gunung Jerai to hike. However, we have some technical problems that force us to change our plan. So, we headed straight to MRSM Beseri to have some exciting activities at night.

The most creative paper building

Second day, early in the morning, we went to Padang Besar close to Malaysia-Thailand Border to... well, you know what... hehe... Of course shopping! But I just spend RM100 to buy a kopiah(piyoh as written on its box)-RM40, England rugby team jersy-RM35 and Spain football team jersy-RM25. Observe that my 'piyoh' is most expensive... why is that so? Watch for yourself. haha.

There's a very funny story back there. Note that most of the stallers are Thai's Malay. So, they speak Malay with quite strong Kelantanese accent. Earlier before I'm planning to buy a wallet since I got a few holes in my beloved wallet which I've used for 9 YEARS mind you. That's almost half of my whole life. So, I went to search one. I went to a shop with Sean (Syazwan Onn) and look through the wallets there. One with Polo brand(of course it's a 'pirate' one) caught my eyes. I spoke with the kakak there using standard Malay to ask about the price. She struggled to speak using the same language with me. I 'smell' kelantanese in her words.. hehe...

Kat Padang Besar membeli-belah

"Akak, berapa harga yang ni kak?"

"Hok mane tu abei? Hok nih?"

"Ya, yang Polo tu."

"Pak limo(RM4.50) hok nih, tapi buleh kughe lagi nih. Kito buwi tigo lape(RM3.80) la abei weh."

At first, I was shocked to think that it's extremely cheap! Then only I spoke using Kelantanese Dialect.

"Buleh la kak. nok hok nih."

So, she packed it in a plastic bag and I brought out four notes of RM1=RM4. Then, she gave me a bewildered look and suddenly closed her face with both of her palms. Maybe she was laughing.

It turned out that the price is actually RM 38.00.... haha... my face turned red.. it was so embarassing!

"Takdi ke kak kato tigo lape? kito buwi la pat riya."

"Abei wei kito kato doh tigo lape."

Arghh... that's confusing isn't it? in Kelantanese Dialect, when we said 'tigo lape', it means RM3.80 not RM38.00(tigo puluh lape). I didn't take that wallet and just ran away from there. Maybe she just intentionally try to make me feel embarassed so that I will pay the price because she thought that I didn't understand Kelantanese Dialect. From my observation, all the stallers there understand the Kelantanese Dialect the same as I understand it... hahahaha.

Moral of the story: Don't speak using standard Malay... hahaha

In the evening, we give a talk to MRSM Beseri's students about campus's life and engineering course. At night, we did a group performance. A lot of funny performances that we almost laugh to death.

Bersama pelajar MRSM Beseri... Grup kami... huhu

On the 3rd day, we went to hike Gunung Jerai. Very tiring. We need to hike for almost three hours on a very leaning path. After 2 hours of walking, I feel like fainting. So, I just ride a van prepared by the committee to the top. Nothing more to tell. Maybe pictures can explain much better.. huhu
Sebelum ekspedisi yang memancitkan bermula

Junior2ku kat puncak

Sangat2 tak bermaya dah... adeh

Note: Do you need translation for Kelantanese Dialect? hehe

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Amin Baek said...

selamat bjaya dgn recheck nant..insyaallah

nifi a.k.a beliamuda said...

It seem u have a very interesting activity in Perlis and Kedah.

Nok pecoh perut aku kisah wallet tuh!! haha~~

Well, result aku pun jatuh jugok.. memang telah expect pun akan jadi cmtu.. -_-"

nur akmal said...

tigo lape...... huhuhu...
all da best utk sem nie.

wak molek biar naik balik result tue...

adab belajar lar ktkan...

Wan Pai said...

all d best ngan remark tuh nati..

tp tobak,meme lawak r psl tigo lape tuh..hahaha..

Wan Pai said...

all d best ngan remark tuh nati..

tp tobak,meme lawak r psl tigo lape tuh..hahaha..

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

TQ everybody... agak down gak sebenarnya.. huhu.. kite cakap memang senang... tapi bila dah kene kat kita, baru tau.. Dare to FAIL! huhu

kerokimi said...

tiga lape...
aku tiada di tempat kejadian..

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